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Connection with ourselves, our bodies, our community.  At Tulsi Rose Yoga we help cultivate that connection through our sessions, classes and workshops.  Want more information, have questions, book a discovery call.  I'd be delighted to share with you.

We all crave

Candles & Plants

"Grief yoga has changed my life.  I'm NOT just saying that.  Grief yoga with Page has helped me get in touch with how my emotions affect my body, and how I can work through some of my emotions with yoga.  I've been able to transfer a lot of our practice into my daily life, which improves my day-to-day functioning.  I would recommend this to who feels 'stuck'."



Hello Loves, I'm Page Park

I use the power of yoga and breath to help you reconnect with yourself.  After years of putting everyone else first, I discovered this through my own yoga journey.  When I added yoga asana (physical practice), meditation, and gratitude journal I began to shift in my attitude and ability to handle anything that came my way.  I took these tools and yoga teacher training learned through SoulWork to develop programs for you.



Our Students Say it Best

"I have been looking for a yoga program for my ASD son for YEARS and finally stumbled across Page in a Facebook group. Page developed a program just for him and works one on one to give him the best instruction he needs.

To say that my son loves it is an understatement. We do 2 sessions a week and not only is he gaining strength and diminishing pain, but he's also learning self-regulation tactics that he takes into the world with him.

Page is also a special needs teacher, so she totally gets him. I couldn't say enough good about our experience working with her."


Connection is

I know what it feels like to want more, to crave connection with yourself and others.  I've been there.: lost, disconnected, afraid to fully be myself and express my wants, needs and desires, feeling unseen.  You can reconnect and be fully yourself and fully present living the life you desire. 


"After struggling with sciatica for weeks, the pain went away in 2 sessions. These sessions helped me feel better during my pregnancy and were tailored to my needs."



Our breath is our anchor.  You'll learn how to use breath as a tool to expand into yourself


Yoga and other movement become ways to express and feel emotion, working its way through your body instead of being stagnant


Though meditation you'll learn control of thoughts  to increase the connection to the body.


Finally, putting everything together to create a mind, body, spirit connection

Lotus Flower

"Tulsi Rose Yoga feels safe to me. Page Park feels safe to me.  I feel safe with myself when I am growing alongside Page at TRY.  As a historically-not-safe-with-myself-person, this is whole new ground."


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