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Who is Page Park?

Yoga came into Page’s life as a PE credit in college.  Little did she know, that introduction would lead to yoga weaving in and out of her life and she would become a yoga teacher.  It wasn’t until 15 or so years ago that yoga became more of a fixture in her life.  When she had health issues, yoga helped her get moving again.  The more she embraced holistic living, the more a yogic lifestyle made an appearance in her life.  When she got divorced and her parents became ill and needed to be cared for, it was conscious breathing that helped her cope.  A 24-year veteran educator she was looking for solutions for her students who had a rise in mental health issues.  She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in August 2020, jumped right into 300, and has continued to complete 100-hour yin certification and children’s yoga teacher training.  


Get to Know Me

Grief yoga has changed my perspectives and has been helping me build a better relationship with my body!  You won't regret checking this out!



When not in the classroom or teaching yoga, Page can be found walking in nature, taking pictures, traveling, eating amazing food, listening to live music, wandering the farmer's markets, spending time with friends or just hanging out at home with her two dogs.

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