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Image by Drew Jemmett

September 22, 6:30 PM, $35
at One Self Yoga
205 S Madison Ave
Greenwood, IN

Special Events
Autumn Equinox 
Mini Retreat

Fall Equinox Gratitude Celebration

What is the fall equinox? 

This falls in September when the sun sits directly over the equator.  The fall equinox welcomes in fall.  It's a time of preparation for the upcoming darkness that will soon put us into hibernation.  This is a time when everything is in balance, it's a time of gratitude for the fall harvest.  This event will include a balancing slow flow, a time to gratitude journal (prompts provided) and a tea ceremony to welcome in the coming winter.

Image by Prophsee Journals
Image by Masaaki Komori

Gratitude Practice

So many people spend November expressing gratitude.  Gratitude is something to explore daily, not just a once of year experience. Shifting perspective and looking a life from a place of gratefulness changes the way you view everything.  Instead of what's missing, your focus shifts to what's already there. You're able to find the magic in every day.  The simple act of a daily gratitude journal helps your mind make this shift.

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Hello Loves

I'm Page Park, founder of Tulsi Rose Yoga and I'll be your guide during this event.  Gratitude has been a huge part of my daily practice.  For the last several years, I have kept a gratitude journal and worked toward infusing an element of gratitude toward all that I do.  It is with this intention that I bring this special even to you.  


This is this for you if you...

want to add or explore ritual in your life

want to expand your yoga practice

want to learn more

want to experience more connection with others and yourself

are looking to add a gratitude practice

Meditation Group
What our Students Say...

"I love this place.  Every class seems to meet me right where I am."


"I came in feeling sticky and emotional.  Once I left I felt so much better.  The emotions moved out.."


Autumn Equinox

"On the equinox, day and night

are in equilibrium. Dark and light,

masculine and feminine.

inner and outer,

are all in balance before the night

takes over... bringing darkness and the

death of winter with it.

All things must die before they can be

reborn, it is for this reason that all

spiritual ascent requires descent first.

We are a reflection of the universe that

surrounds us, what takes place outside

of us, also takes place within us. All

those who long for the light must first

face the darkness within themselves.

It is on the autumnal equinox, that this

stage of inner preparation for

enlightenment can begin. In order to

make way for the return of the sun on

the winter solstice, and it's rebirth on

the spring vernal equinox."

~ by Nell Regan


"I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for what you’re doing and the space you’re holding for me to finally figure out…me. This is the most profound thing I’ve done in many years, and one of the few things I’ve done purely for myself. I feel so good when I leave our sessions and look forward to them every week. I’m so grateful for you. "



A night of Transformation 
A Mini Retreat

Using gratitude as a guide, we'll dive into a time of self-discovery to prepare for the upcoming winter.  Like the sun, we'll balance the nervous system with a short hatha yoga flow.  Explore light and dark in our lives, balance the masculine/feminine that lives in us all,  You will leave balanced and ready for the upcoming change in season.

$35 for the event

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