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Growing around Grief:
from struggle to surrender

an online grief course

Tuesdays, August 2-23 7:30 pm-9 pm EST, Thursday August 4th and 18th 7:30 pm-8:30 pm EST

Early bird $80 until July 27th $125 after

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Grief can feel lonely

Whether you're new to grief or grief has graced your life time and time again, the feelings, responses can be as varied as we are.  Some people might get angry, others might cry, and still others might laugh.  We might also want to hide in bed, have so much energy or be "functioning" but in a zombie like state.  All of this is normal.  I want you to hear that again, all of this is normal and expected when you're grieving.  Grief is not a one time event.  Grief is a life long learning of how to experience it in your life.  If you're feeling lonely or overwhelmed and it's been longer than a year, that is also perfectly normal and expected.  We all grieve in different ways and for differing periods of time.

Client Words

Each class seems to meet me where I am and help me progress even further in my journey.


You're not Alone

Everyone is faced with grief.  We all deal with it in different ways.  Some of us stuff it, some of us are deep in the sorrow, others laugh and joke it off, none of this is wrong.  Society puts certain rule's on grievers.  You might hear things like: Why are you still sad about this?  This again?  Why haven't you moved on?  Our work systems are set up to only give a week or less off for loss of a loved one and there's no time off for other types of grief.  

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We are a community

There are so many of us growing from grief.  If we join together to share our struggles, joys frustrations and more, we will not only know we are not alone, but we will grow stronger together because of our grief.  

I've been there, I understand the feelings you're having.  Learning to express grief in a way that is healthy to the body, mind and spirit can feel daunting. 

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The power of movement

Sometimes those feelings you're experiencing can seem stuck or stagnant.  You might feel like you're wallowing.  That's where the power of movement can come in, by moving our bodies and staying with the feelings of grief, it allows you to bear it differently.  You will feel a little lighter and the weight of your grief becomes easier to carry.  

 Client Words

"Grief yoga has changed my life.  I'm NOT just saying that.  Grief yoga with Page has helped me get in touch with how my emotions affect my body, and how I can work through some of my emotions with yoga.  I've been able to transfer a lot of our practice into my daily life, which improves my day-to-day functioning.  I would recommend this to who feels 'stuck'."

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Why Yoga?

Yoga means union.  Union with the self, union with divine, union with community.  In yoga, there are 8 limbs (areas) to focus on this connection.  Physical movement (asana) is only one of them.  When most people think of yoga, they think of the physical aspect.  Meditation is also yoga, caring for a friend or neighbor is yoga, being kind to yourself is yoga.  Yoga takes all of these pieces.  All aspects of life help draw you closer into more connectedness.  Yoga gives us a way to connect with ourselves and our grief in a nonthreatening way, giving everything associated with our grief a voice and space to be.

Session 1

Rituals for Honoring:

How to begin to carry our loved one with us

Session 2

Body Exploration: How to feel things in your body, what's your body telling you

Session 3

Emotions: How to process emotion when it comes up without judgement

Session 4

Creative Arts: Using poetry, writing, art, music to grow through grief.

Free to Express

This workshop might be for you..

  • If you're ready to learn to be with grief in a mindful way

  • You want to learn the power of moment and emotion

  • Maybe you don't feel creative, but something about using creativity appeals to you

  • You're interested in stepping into yoga, but want to. dip your toe and not do a full class

  • You're feeling so overwhelmed with grief you want to find ways to process it.

What you'll Get...

Growing in Grief

From Struggle to Surrender

Image by Ann

an online grief course

Tuesdays, August 2-23 7:30 pm-9 pm EST, Thursday August 4th and 18th 7:30 pm-8:30 pm EST

Early bird $80 until July 27th

$125 after

Image by Nikola Jovanovic

 Client Words

I came in feeling sticky and emotional.  Once I left I felt so much better.  The emotions moved out.


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Image by Nick Morrison

Hello Loves, I'm Page Park

I'm a grief and children's yoga teacher.  I help people use the mind/body connection to feel their emotions and connect it to their body and shift their mindset.

After spending 24 years as a special educator and a year and a half studying various aspects of yoga, my life changed. I was able to process my own grief journey, regulate my emotions in a way that wouldn't derail my days.  Surprisingly, I've ended up here.  Teaching others the tools I use to help process my own grief and emotions.  

I'm so delighted to be with you on this journey, seeing you in these moments and mirroring how what it can become.

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