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Rooted in Love

A Grief Workshop: From Struggle to Surrender


A 4 Week Journey into Living with Grief

This 4 week workshop will help take you from struggling with grief to surrendering to grief.  Once an event sparks grief in our lives, it's with us forever.  This course will help guide you from the struggle with grief to learning to live with it, and possibly even thrive with it.  I know thriving at this point may seem unimaginable, but it is possible. Grief is a dance we all need to learn.  At first the steps seem difficult or even impossible.  Soon, we begin to learn the steps, we might even begin to add some fancy moves over time.  From time to time we'll stumble again, but with the right tools, we can be dancing the steps again even faster.  Once experienced, grief never goes away.  This new way of living can become apart of our lives.

Early Bird Pricing: $80 Until July 1

Full Price: $120

One Clients Words

Each class seems to meet me where I am and help me progress every further in my journey.


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Why Yoga?

Yoga means union.  Union with the self, union with divine, union with community.  In yoga, there are 8 limbs (areas) to focus on this connection.  Physical movement (asana) is only one of them.  When most people think of yoga, they think of the physical aspect.  Meditation is also yoga, caring for a friend or neighbor is yoga, being kind to yourself is yoga.  Yoga takes all of these pieces.  All aspects of life help draw you closer into more connectedness.  

What you'll Get...

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