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Rooted in Love
The depth of grief is related to the depth of love

 a free online Grief Workshop

July 26th

4:00 PST/6:00 CST/7:00 pm EST

hour and a half intensive

Headshot of Page Park, founder, Tulsi Rose Yoga.  Taken in Indianapolis, IN

The feelings of Grief
can be overwhelming

Grief can take a massive tole on our well-being and psyche.  It doesn't help that well-meaning people who say things like, "everything happens for a reason" or "haven't you moved on yet"? These and other statements can make it seem like people don't care.  They really do, they just don't know what to say in the face of unbearable grief.  We try to sweep the feelings away and bypass what life has present us.  In this workshop we'll deep dive into the feelings of grief with the manifesto that grief demands to be heard as our guide.  The feelings of grief can be overwhelming, but the more we dip our toes in and lean into the feelings, the more we are able to process and express those feelings.  We allow them to be heard. 

One Clients Words

Each class seems to meet me where I am and help me progress every further in my journey.


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People may tell you
You're so

Unless they've experienced it, people have no idea what you're experiencing when you're navigating grief.  Whether you've experienced loss of someone you love, a relationship, job, a way of life or other loss, those feelings can feel like too much.  I'll show you have to feel into them and allow them to be your guide. You really are strong, you just may not realize it.  Those of us left behind have to find the strength to love when they're gone.  Using breath, your body, and rituals you can tap into your strength.

candles lit, babys breath Image by Svitlana

One Clients Words

"Grief yoga has changed my life.  I'm NOT just saying that.  Grief yoga with Page has helped me get in touch with how my emotions affect my body, and how I can work through some of my emotions with yoga.  I've been able to transfer a lot of our practice into my daily life, which improves my day-to-day functioning.  I would recommend this to who feels 'stuck'."


Love is your superpower

I was listening to someone talk about loving with depth and intensity, It got me thinking about the love grief relationship.  When we open ourselves up and love deeply, we grieve deeply.  That doesn’t mean we should close ourselves off to love, our love is what helps us thrive.  Yes, it is beneficial to the other person, but it’s most beneficial to us.  When we close ourselves off, we only do harm to ourselves.  When my parents died, I struggled to open myself up again. I had to be so independent, take care of everyone else, I forgot to love and take care of myself.  I closed myself off, didn’t allow myself to love or others to support me.  Loving fearlessly, intensely it takes courage, but the reward is outstanding, a full life well lived.

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Grief doesn't have to be overwhelming

Grief can be more manageable.  You can learn to live and even thrive with grief.  You don't have to stuff your feelings or forget about that person.  We will explore ways to experience grief and honor what has been lost in ways that can be incorporated into daily life or as an anniversary memorial.  Sometimes just doing something small can help us feel closer or remember the loss in a way that supports our grief.  One of the things I do to remember or feel close to my mother is wear a piece of her jewelry.  We'll discuss this and other ideas at the workshop

What you'll Get...

Rooted in Love

The depth of grief is related to the depth of love

Image by Conscious Design

A  free online Grief Workshop

July 26th

4:00 PST/6:00 CST/7:00 pm EST

hour and a half intensive

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Portrait by Maxine Wallace Photography of Page Park, founder, Tulsi Rose Yoga.
Image by Nick Morrison

Hello Loves, I'm Page Park

I'm a grief and children's yoga teacher.  I help people use the mind/body connection to feel their emotions and connect it to their body and shift their mindset.

After spending 24 years as a special educator and a year and a half studying various aspects of yoga, my life changed. I was able to process my own grief journey, regulate my emotions in a way that wouldn't derail my days.  Surprisingly, I've ended up here.  Teaching others the tools I use to help process my own grief and emotions.  

I'm so delighted to be with you on this journey, seeing you in these moments and mirroring how what it can become.

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